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Summer’s here and the time is right for ordering items to increase your profits from the midwest’s favorite convenience store distributors, Four Season’s Distributors!

Increasing your summer sales is all about having the products that everyone loves and needs in high visibility locations in your grocery stores, c-store and gas station!

What is a Convenience Product?

At Four Seasons, we define convenience products as items in convenient stores placed near the cash register for marketing convenience.

Summer impulse products placed near the checkout mean that while customers are waiting to pay and leave then can browse the aisle for last minute emergency products or other types of convenience products they might not have thought of while they were shopping. These products are the things you need but probably wouldn’t make a special trip to get. This is called an “unsought product” which differs from specialty goods, staple products, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, lottery tickets and food products such as fountain drinks and hot dogs or other snacks.

A general list of these might include, CBD products, sunglasses, phone chargers, energy drinks or energy products and other convenience goods.

Get This Summer’s Best Selling Products in Convenience Stores

So, what’s hot this summer?


Four Seasons Distributors always stock the hottest and most stylish brands of sunglasses available. We know that driving in the sun without shades can be a real drag. But we also understand that last year’s models might not cut it this year. New year, new look!

We keep up with national trends. Before each season we are shopping products and styles that are sure to be a hit for the upcoming season. Stylish sunglasses are a must. Your customers will be proud to show off their look while protecting their eyes at the beach or pool this summer! And you’ll have the consumer product sales to show for it!

Energy Drinks

Wholesale 5-Hour Energy for Convenience Stores.Summer takes energy! And we’ve got the most delicious and effective of energy drinks ready to ship to your store. 5-Hour Energy in all their delicious flavors are sure to delight your last minute shoppers! Order now!

Phone Accessories

You have to stay connected in the Summer! Nothing is more of a bummer than reaching for your phone for that beach selfie with your friends only to discover a dead battery! We have the hot summer phone accessories that are sure to fly off your shelves. Delight your customers with these high quality, durable phone chargers and accessories.

CBD Products

Summer means chilling! We sell Hemp Bombs CBD products to take the edge off legally and safely. The good people at Hemp Bombs are always coming up with new products to relieve anxiety and induce total relaxation. Call to learn about our new CBD products and availability!

Order New Convenience Store Products Now!

Order your convenience store items now, while prices are low and supply chains are moving!

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