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As one of the most experienced midwestern convenience store wholesalers, we are always interested in understanding trends about what’s happening in our industry so that we can best help our loyal c-store retailer customers.

As you know, if it isn’t turning a huge profit, there just isn’t room for it in an efficiently running grocery store, gas station or kiosk. So, here it is, the list of best sellers after this insanely, unpredictable year of pandemic and chaos!

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Gift Cards

Always popular for their convenience and giftability, convenience store gift cards were more popular than ever in 2020. Convenience store suppliers turned record profits by molding their business into a type of finance opportunity. Last year saw a definite uptick in these super-portable, super-flexible ways to gift finances. Everyone loves gift cards. Perfect for birthdays, graduations, last minute gifts or discrete ways transfer funds.

Travel Sized Items

Shampoo, toothpaste, HAND SANITIZER! If you have a little compartment to put it (and anyone who has a car does!) a travel-sized item allows you to never have to be without sanitary needs that make life more enjoyable. Plus of all purchased items that are found in store checkout lines, these travel-sized items do very well.

Americans, it has been said, are preoccupied with being clean and fresh. These little items are considered, efficient and “cute.” They pack well in purses or fanny packs, glove compartments or door pockets. Do yourself a favor and help your customers keep clean and sanitized and reap the profits.

Practical Items

If you’re at the convenience store, you’re likely driving. And if you’re driving you would probably be more comfortable driving while wearing sunglasses. If you happen to be a woman you will likely feel safer if you’re toting a cute canister of pepper spray or audible panic alarm.

If you’re a smoker, along with tobacco products, you’ll need a lighter and if you have a lighter you’re probably going to misplace it. Thus, a lighter leash might be an impulse buy that will make you feel a little more well equipped. Food items such as packaged fast food, general merchandise and coozies for alcoholic beverages are perennial sellers.

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Energy Products

More than ever, in 2020, Americans were fixated on their health and vitality. This caused stress and stress causes fatigue. But everybody has to get things done. People have work to do and they’re always looking for great ways to boost energy. Soda, energy drinks, fountain drinks and energy shots were top selling items in 2020 and show no signs of waning in popularity.

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