You’ll Love Our New Convenience Store Products as Well as Our Tried and True Classics

Wholesale Stacker Energy Shot for Convenience Stores.Four Seasons Distributors is your go-to distributor for great prices and selection in wholesale products for convenience stores, gas stations, kiosks and other sales points. When you’re searching for convenience store distributors near me, consider Four Seasons. We serve the entire Midwest, we have decades of experience and we’re dedicated to increasing your profits.

We stock the hottest products including: CBD Products, Sunglasses, Dietary Supplements, Lighters, Energy Drinks, Novelties and more. We pride ourselves in delivering to you the high-profit convenience store supplies and products that will increase your profits at the cash register.

While it’s important to stock quality items throughout your store, we specialize in the last minute, high profitability checkout items that will increase your bottom line and otherwise be cash left on the table.

When a customer enters your store for bottled water, sweet snacks, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, ice cream or fountain drinks we allow you to up sell checkout line items to them when they are ready to pay. Our last-minute purchased items are convenient, high-quality, attractively packaged and displayed and known to increase per customer ticket amounts time and time again.

C Store Wholesale CBD Products

We carry CBD products including Hemp Bombs, Lolly Bombs, CBD Gummies, Premium CBD Pain Freeze, CBD Vape Tank and many other products. Our C Store Wholesale products allow your customers to feel great and help relax.

Our attractively packaged products promise to allow users to enjoy complete relaxation, improve their sleep patterns and get relief from pain and stress. We’ll help you become the go-to store in your area for providing these handy, safe, pleasantly-packaged CBD items.

Sunglasses for Convenience Store Checkout

Sunglasses for Convenience Stores, Gas Stations and Grocery Stores.Our sunglasses look great and work even better. We carry a wide range of attractive styles and colors with various patterns that are sure to increase sales at the cash register. We make turning a profit easy by offering you, the convenience store operator, flexibility and prompt delivery.

And our display cases are designed to make these attractive sunglasses attractive to shoppers.


Lighters, Can Koozies, Energy Supplements and Novelties For Checkout

Last minute purchase can increase your sales and increase customer satisfaction. Let our wholesale convenience store products do the talking. They practically sell themselves. Contact Four Seasons Distributors, Inc. at (618) 234-1726 and let us come up with a winning combination to help you increase your check out sales.

*We carry a vast selection of products for customers to choose from, below is just a small sample of that.

Sunglasses For Convenience Stores and Grocery Checkout

Cell Phone Accessories

Dietary Supplements Checkout Items

Lighters For Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores


Many more products available.

We Provide the Best Wholesale Convenience Store Items

If you’ve been searching for the best wholesale convenience store products near you, look no further. Four Seasons Distributors has been in business for decades, offering the newest wholesale convenience products that shop owners love. Call to find out about our great deals on quality sunglasses, lighters, keychains, cellphone accessories, hats, energy products, CBD products, and vape products.

We always offer years of know-how and the most professional customer service as well as the most comprehensive line of profitable convenience store products.

Four Seasons Distributors is family-owned and operated, so you will be taken care of by people with a history of caring about your store’s success. We’re the wholesale distributors that the midwest counts on to increase profitability at the cash register.

Our marketing crew will handle your displays and upkeep of the products we provide to you. We handle all the set up, arrangement, maintenance, and upkeep of displays and fixtures for our products. Learn more about how Four Seasons can help you rise above the competition.

The Finest Wholesale Convenience Store Items in the Midwest

We are the convenience store wholesalers known for providing all the hottest wholesale convenience products to c-stores, gas stations and grocers across America’s midwest.

Each of these industries have a unique set of needs and challenges. Likewise, each client has their own unique needs. We are flexible, and strive to meet the needs of every client exactly the way they want, when they want. We also offer convenience, as we will set up displays and clean, organize, and maintain them.

Areas We Serve

For over 30 years we have served a a clientele of over 300 store accounts across the Midwest. Areas we serve include Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. However, our primary base of operations is Illinois (excluding the Chicago area) and Missouri.

C stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky know Four Seasons Wholesale as the store distributor they can count on for a full line convenience store products and general cash register merchandise at great prices.

Call for a copy of one of the largest full line convenience store consumer product catalogues in the market. We customize your order to your store and market. We’re in business to help your business succeed and increase profits annually. We earn our title of Best Convenience Store Distributor through hard work, great service and years of analyzing the C-Store ecosystem.