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Convenience Store Promotions

Convenience Store Promotions

When you own a neighborhood business such as a c-store, gas station or bodega, you have an opportunity to assert your membership in the neighborhood to leverage better community and ultimately, higher sales numbers.

It’s not uncommon, as a small, independent business to feel overwhelmed by the vast size of your competitors and their buying power. But, in this article we hope to help you turn this perceived disadvantage into a super power.

The Loyalty Program and Convenience Store Promotions

One of the best marketing strategies we’ve ever encountered is what is commonly called the customer loyalty program. There are many ways to use such a plan to increase repeat business, to reward regular customers and to increase sales.

First, we recommend checking to find out if your POS (point of sales) supplier offers some type of integrated loyalty program that can harness your technology to make roll out of this type of promotion easier, slicker, more easily tracked and ultimately, more profitable.

Many POS providers have already created ways to increase their value in the eyes of their shop owners and they’ll usually be happy to help you launch your loyalty efforts.

Consider Seasonal Promotions

One of the problems with promotions is that after a while they don’t seem exciting and new anymore. In fact if you’re still using the same store promotion a year after launching it, with no updates, chances are it’s getting stale.

Seasonal changes are a great way to add new life to ongoing promotions. Consider varying the flavor or your c-store promotions every three months by adopting a seasonal theme. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall offer plenty of built-in opportunities to decorate your shop with new seasonal signage calling attention to your in-store promotions.

Keep in mind foot traffic when you update your marketing efforts. Some of the best marketing ideas include colorful signage to get the customer’s attention and inform walk-in customers of what’s hot this season.

Don’t Forget Social Media For Promoting Local Businesses

If you haven’t already set up your convenience or grocery store’s social media accounts, we’ll wait! Seriously, though, it’s so easy to do you could pay a teenager or an online marketing company to set up and even manage your accounts for you. Most small businesses probably have someone on staff who’s web-savvy enough to take on this commitment if the business owner has too much on his or her plate.

Social media makes engaging your local community as an actual member of the community easy and effective. All the great ideas for convenience stores don’t mean a thing if you aren’t able to promote them, and social media is perfect for just this task.

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