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Convenience Store Cleaning Checklist

Convenience Store Cleaning Checklist

It has been said that much of the success of the McDonald’s corporation came to them as much because of the cleanliness of their grounds, facilities and, especially, bathrooms as from the delicious decadence of their food.

It’s a piece of advice that is often overlooked or just assumed to be so easy it doesn’t deserve much thought or planning, however it is a principle that has been applied across many different industries – especially industries that serve the public.

Download Convenience Store Checklist

Cleanliness is a sign of respect. Think about the last time you’ve gone to a restaurant or shop and noticed that the parking lot, grounds, customer area or bathrooms were not clean. If they were a disaster you might very well have left without even purchasing what you were there to get.

If the property looked haphazard from the road, you likely kept on driving until you found one of their competitors who looked like they cared.

Why Do You Need A Convenience Store Daily Checklist?

As the leading convenience store distributor in the Midwest, your success is our success. And so we wanted to provide this tool to you to make it easier for you and your staff to systematically address and stay on top of providing the best customer experience at your convenience retail store, grocer or gas station.

Download the checklist on this page to ensure that cleaning products are stocked, and that your store is inviting to ensure customer satisfaction. We cover everything from a clean parking lot and grounds to entranceways, windows, point of sale area… and, of course, clean bathrooms!

How To Use Your Convenience Store Cleaning Checklist

We recommend printing out the list as a daily copy that can be used to check off various cleaning duties. We’ve left blanks lines for notes so that shift supervisors or managers can understand anything about the condition of your facility as it might impact customers and employees’ safety or enjoyment of the location.

We recommend that the checklist be used at minimum three times per day, preferably hourly. If you are using the checklist only three times per day we would recommend using it at store opening, mid-day, and store closing. Although, for obvious reasons, using it hourly is preferred.

We also encourage that you share this c-store checklist with any professional cleaning services whose services you utilize.

C-Store Checklists Can Increase Profits

Again, we must reiterate that clean floors, properly maintained gas pumps, well-monitored bathrooms and properties that are maintained and inviting not only reduce the number of accidents, slips and falls, and other health hazards, they also invite business.

Store operators must understand that convenience store customers have many choices of where to shop. If they feel that your property is uninviting due to lack of maintenance, they’ll happily go elsewhere. Gas stations and convenience stores already operate on thin margins, by going the extra mile to keep a clean, maintained, well-repaired store you will be telling customers that you care and that you can be trusted.

You Can Rely On Four Seasons Distributors

If you’ve found our C-store Checklist useful we encourage you to print it and share it with your staff and managers. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the checklist, please email them to our editorial staff by filling out the contact form on our Contact Us page.

And remember when you’re searching for the most reliable c-store distributor in the Midwest, please consider Four Seasons.

We’re a convenience distributor with proven customer service featuring the largest full line convenience store products available. We’re family owned and operated, which means that you will be dealing with people who care about your success. We’re proud to be the wholesale distributors the midwest counts on.

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