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If you’re still not convinced that CBD Products are worth your limited shelf space as of yet, we’re here to offer you some information you can use when you place your next merchandise order.

You can find a wide variety of articles that can help you make sense of the popularity of these products. For instance, a simple web search will yield many positive Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules Reviews as well as other Hemp Bombs product reviews.

The CBD community is in agreement that the entire Hemp Bombs line is a nicely configured line of products from a well-regarded company.

We Carry Hemp Bombs CBD Products

Four Seasons Distributors provides the Midwest with Hemp Bombs premium CBD supplements including: Jolly Bombs Complete Relaxation lollipops in a variety of delicious flavors, CBD Gummies for pain relief and relaxation, convenient Hemp Bombs capsules, vape tank concentrated CBD flavored vape supplies, CBD Pet Oils and CBD pain relief and much more.

We find that our customers who already know the product line can’t get enough of it. That is why we want to introduce these products to the uninitiated! If you aren’t already selling CBD products, call us at: 618-234-1726 and we’ll talk you through what you need to know to get started.

If you’re already selling CBD products in your checkout lane, but aren’t familiar with the good people at Hemp Bombs, let us make that introduction. We’re sure you will find these products to be tops in terms of profit margin, customer desirability, positive name recognition and going above and beyond in terms of making their products move off the shelf.

Hemp Bombs Products are Designed to Sell

A simple visit to the homepage of Hemp Bombs will show you that Hemp Bombs invests in good design to make their products attractive. The labels and logos and vibrant green and black contrast of the Hemp Bombs branding makes these products draw the shopper’s eye.

Variety is key to satisfying your customers. Studies show that the average CBD buyer is aware of the benefits of CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD oils, CBD pain rubs and other forms of CBD. The same studies also show that these customers value the product and are willing to pay a premium price for a product they can count on. In this way, Hemp Bombs stands ahead of the CBD competition.

Clearing Up CBD Confusion For Convenience Store Owners

We understand that even after understanding that CBD products are highly profitable, in-demand products, you might still have some very basic questions about what exactly CBD does and what type of customers these products attract.

Industry studies that we’ve read generally address the facts that CBD is not considered a controlled substance in the way that products containing THC products are. The CBD products we distribute are products not intended to make the user feel as if they are under the influence of anything. Generally CBD products are considered as safe as most supplemental dietary products. CBD is not generally looked at as medicine, in that it is understood that CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat or eliminate any types of medical conditions.

CBD studies do show that those who take CBD for relaxation generally agree that CBD is a reliable supplement. Studies are mixed in terms of evaluating results from other frequent reasons to take CBD. Some swear by it for weight loss. And while studies show that individual weight loss results will vary, who are we to argue if it’s someone’s favorite go-to for relaxing and not doing that compulsive eating behavior.

Start Selling Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Now!

While you might think that the statewide legalization of THC products would mean that CBD would become less popular for buyers, but in fact the opposite is true. If you’re interested in learning more about these in-demand supplements including CBD gummies, capsules or oils, we’d love to answer your questions. Give Four Seasons Distributors a call at: 618-234-1726