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You may have noticed our name: Four Seasons Distributors. What does that mean. Don’t all c-store distributors and wholesale convenience store suppliers sell wholesale convenience store items for all seasons of the year?

Perhaps this is true, but Four Seasons Wholesale Distributor begins with the notion of seasons at the core of our business process. We understand that not only do years have seasons, but so do retail store businesses, like your convenience store, grocery store, gas station or kiosk. We want to be there through all of your businesses seasons and we want to provide the right products to you at the best prices. But more than that: we want to help guide you when you need it to place just what your customers want right where they can find it.

Convenience Store Owner, Consider Thy Customer

Besides listening to our customers, monitoring the supply chain and researching the latest trends, Four Seasons Distributors are always asking ourselves questions about the people who come in and out of our customers’ convenience stores. As the owner of a convenience store, we invite you to come along with us as we consider how your customer is behaving during the Summer months.

Please think on these suggestions in our Guide to Convenience Store Products for Summer.

Where is my Convenience Store Customer Going?

Summer across the United States means time off, activities, sports, meeting with friends and lots of movement. That’s probably what brought them into your store. Remember, they didn’t come to shop: they came to pick up a necessity and to be on their way.

But even though we like to consider “shopping” a conscious activity, studies show that it is very much an act of impulse. It’s almost as though we can’t help but scan and take in our surroundings even if we’re in a hurry. Once your customer is inside your shop it’s important to both you and them to send them on their way with as many of their needs met as possible. Even if they had no idea they needed it before they entered your establishment.

Make your one stop shop live up to its name by offering a wide variety of on the go products. Summer means outdoor activity and that means sun. Sunglasses are always a great “additional item” during the summer months.

Sunscreen is always in demand, and because Summer means physical activity, so are energy products.

What is my C-Store Customer Feeling?

This is an interesting one. Bet you’ve never thought about this before! But, consider for a second, what is that convenience store customer feeling as they step inside during the summer months?

You’re right, they’re hot! You can expect that convenience store wholesalers are moving a range of products that are designed to relieve the heat. Frozen foods and cold beverages might be on a customers mind when they walk in your door. The question then becomes where to place these refreshing items? Most convenience stores or small grocery stores place these refrigerated items in the back for reasons having to do with where they have placed their electrical coolers.

But it might be worth considering that a barrel or tub of iced down drinks placed near the register will not only mean an additional sale, it can cause the customer to pause and look around him where he will see your other general merchandise and specialty items.

What Else is on Your Convenience Store Customer’s Mind This Summer?

We invite you to explore this way of anticipating your customer’s needs. It’s an interesting exercise. We recommend having register staff earnestly inquire: Were you able to find everything you needed today? Is there anything you need that we haven’t provided? Any suggestions? You can have them actually ask this to every customer and even have them write down the responses on a note pad.

You’ll likely be surprised in what responses you receive. You many develop a better understanding of who your customer is and what they are looking for. More about that next month.

Until then stay cool and let Four Seasons Distributors help you keep your customers happy!