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We’ve been in the business of providing wholesale convenience store items to c-stores, retailers, gas stations and tobacco shops for over three decades. We understand the challenges related to stocking up the best trending products while maintaining a lucrative profit margin.

It’s important to stock products with competitive retail prices that stand out as must-have items for great deals for customers.

We carry a wide range of convenience store items including the following:

CBD Products

Convenience shoppers love the natural relaxed feeling that they get from our wholesale CBD products are the finest on the market. We have all the CBD products that fly off the shelves, including: CBD Gummies, CBD Pain Freeze, CBD Vape Tanks and a whole bunch of other profitable CBD products.

Wholesale Sunglasses

We your trusted wholesale supplier for great cheap sunglasses that feature modern styles for eye protection outdoors. Our sunglasses are styled with a wide range of patterns and colors that grab customers’ attention at the checkout counter. We buy in bulk to pass the savings on to our convenience store customers looking for quality products to sell as last-minute purchases.

Wholesale Lighters

Everybody needs a lighter. Don’t believe it? Ask a smoker! These attractive, functional, high-quality lighters are some of our best-selling items. Plus, lighters are high turn-over products. People are always borrowing (and losing) lighters and yet they are very in demand. When you need one, you need one!

Wholesale Energy Supplements

We are your go-to supplier for name-brand energy supplements and products with trusted track records. We offer our customers the best wholesale prices on Energy Now, 5-Hour Energy, Energy Shot and other products that can make up your countertop “Health Center.” Our clients know that the way to make their profits skyrocket is to buy wholesale products that people really want. We have those products and can help you tailor fit your order to your convenience store, gas station, shop, kiosk or tobacco shop.

Wholesale Novelties

Our clients always know that they can find wholesale convenience products readily available and ready to sell. We pride ourselves in our ability to help you increase your sales at the cash register and make your bottom line something you can feel good about.

Cheap Wholesale Products for Resale in the Midwest

Four Seasons Distributors began selling door-to-door 30 years ago. Now we service over 300 accounts including convenience stores in Minnesota, Tobacco Shops in Illinois, C-Stores in Wisconsin, Kiosks in Missouri, Gas Stations in Indiana, stores in Kentucky and shops in Ohio.

Wherever you are selling from in the Midwest, Four Seasons Distributors is there for you.

Contact us to learn more about how Four Seasons Distributors can partner with your business: (618) 234-1726