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We are a little over halfway through 2018, and we thought this would be a good occasion to take a look at some of our most popular products. Four Seasons Distributors offers a wide range of wholesale convenience products in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky.Cell Phone Accessories

Did you know that 1.5 billion cellphones are sold annually every year? Think about that for a moment. That’s just new phones that are sold, not accounting for phones that were already owned. Now, with the exception of the next wave of iPhones, every one of those phones requires a physical charger.

That’s a massive market, especially when you consider that the average person breaks cables and loses charging ports. Now, consider that many people keep separate chargers in separate rooms, or separate chargers for their home and vehicle. After taking all of those factors into account, now consider how glued people are to their phones. The average person spends 90 minutes per day on their phone. Those people aren’t going to let a dead battery keep them from Twitter and Facebook. This is why cell phone chargers are a sure bet in most settings.


Not that we’ve covered the high-tech ways people spend their days, let’s pivot and take a look at a low-tech necessity that makes sense in most convenience settings: sunglasses. The sun is constant, and protection from it will always be needed. Even in the winter.

Energy Supplements

The Stacker line of energy supplements is an incredibly popular series of supplements that include energy shots, energy pills, and weight loss pills. For people looking for a lift through their daily grind, or just a little boost at the gym to shed some pesky fat, Stacker products are a popular choice.

CBD Products

CBD products are a fast growing market. They are used for a vast variety of reasons, and as we have found out, there are many people that we know that have been using CBD products for several years. Customers report that people use CBD to help with anxiety to simple pain. We carry a full line of the Hemp Bomb brand of CBD products.

Vapor Products

Did you know that over 8% of Americans say that they have vaped in the past week? The rise of vapor products in the US continues. One is six smokers use e-cigarettes. This is a massive market for an increasingly popular trend in smoking.

A Flexible Partner
We pride ourselves on our flexibility, providing our clients with the products and services that best fit their situation how they want, when they want. We tailor our services to the wants and needs of our partners and find the best, most convenient solution for them in the process.